Finding peace in sadness, releasing the pain through tears. Opening the heart and mind; the soul to feel. To truly feel. Not to feel pain, not joy, maybe just to feel some peace. But with peace comes more tears. Tears flowing from my eyes, pouring out the pain that was. Given peace where needed and learning to love who I am. For once accepting who and what I am.

Joy, joy, yes joy is a good word for it. Joy of what?

Feeling powerful, feeling understood, feeling safe. Oh God how this feeling is overwhelming almost like grief. Almost like the passing of a dear friend. But grateful of the passing as now it is time to move on and grow. Become what is meant. Be who I am.

God gives us gifts. Mine have been ignored. This grief, these tears are all just my soul finding peace in moving forward to what should have been long ago.

Greed, money, insecurities. All gave material things but the soul was empty. There was no real peace.

I am sure I am not alone.  Would you be willing to share with others?