Who is Barbie? That is a great question. I wish I had an answer for you as I am just learning myself.

I am 37 years old. A wife, mother, business professional and a lost soul searching for the missing pieces.

I have been through severe depression, diagnosed and undiagnosed.

I have made what is considered fortunes to some.

I appear together and happy on the outside, but every day is a struggle on the inside.

I am writing this blog because I know so many people have the same struggles but since we have to live in a world of appearances, we have very few places to share our true selves.

Then there is the creative side of me, which you will find in some of my posts regarding beauty products, life hacks and other fun things. This is the side of me I find release and not be so serious.

Lastly there is the spiritual side of me. This is a work in progress. I am learning about the metaphysical, the what happens after all of this. Is there an afterlife? If so, what is it? What does it look like? Can people really speak to spirits, guides and angels? If so, I want to do this too. How do I start? Follow me on my journey of learning about the soul inside the suit we call our body.