Why are his tweezers better than mine???

Um…. trying to figure this one out. So this wife, let’s call her Barb E., walks into the couples joint bathroom and sees her husband has something pretty impressive on his side of the room. Now don’t get all judgy on them. They may have “their own sides” but it’s not like they are on the OC Housewives show where they each have their own wing, okay…. They “share” the space. It may be large enough to have sides, but that’s okay, don’t hate….

I digress, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, so the wife walks into their “very reasonably sized JOINT bathroom” and sees something shinny on the counter.

She says to herself, “Are you kidding me?”.

Now we have to digress again, sorry but you really must know that her husband is a “manly man” and really she does not want to know that he does these things and I’m sure this “manly man”, we will call him K.N., would be petrified that she was telling this story right now.

Where was I? Oh yeah. So this very manly man has these gorgeous, top of line TWEEZERs sitting on his counter top! I know… Can you believe it? Like he’s getting a little older and all, but really, what does he need these for? It’s not like he has hair growing on his earlobes. Maybe some (just a little…tiny…barely any at all…just in case you are reading this) little sprouts of hair and the nose might need some trimming. But really! Why in the world does he need these beauties? I think nipple hair outranks nose hair.

SO anyways…

All Barb E can think of is how she is going to make them accidentally disappear and find a little place for these awesome little tweezers like she does all the other cool stuff she finds and doesn’t want to share.

I have know idea what the point of this story is, except to ask… WHY ARE HIS TWEEZERS BETTER THAN MINE????


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